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SeamLock is the traditional flowable adhesive used by solid surface fabricators worldwide. With a 20 year history of manufacturing solid surface adhesives, Big Dog Adhesives has made SeamLock the most UV stable, consistent curing, branded adhesive that fabricators count on for color steadfastness, shelf stability, strong and durable bonds, amazing thermoforming properties and long lasting bonds. Available in 500+ colors, if there’s not one you see that will match, we’ll just make you a special color!

PROUDLY MADE in the USA in Elkhart, Indiana, the Hoosier State, with employees like you, we go the extra mile to make it right and get it to you quickly! Unlike other newer manufacturers who haven’t figured out what they don’t know, SeamLock isn’t runny or too thin, or inconsistent, or made with who knows what.

Super Glues (Cyanoacrylates adhesives – CA) is the general term for very quick bonding adhesives that bond substrates together in a very quick reaction. Super glues bond all sorts of various substrates together, such as wood, plastics, metals, rubbers and a variety of other substances. In general, most of the super glues are single component adhesives, generally clear or slightly cloudy in nature, that are easy to use, fast curing with rapid fixture time. Effectively, they work in the presence of moisture (water), meaning moisture in the air. Most of us have used super glues and have glued our fingers together, probably by accident, because the skin has a high degree of moisture. Often, specialized super glues are used to close up wounds, or seal cuts and scratches. Big Dog also makes an accelerator, and can speed up these super glues so they react even faster.  Big Dog supplies them in 4 different thickness, Thin, Medium, Thick, and Gel to suit every need.

Epoxy & Acrylic Adhesives

Big Dog manufactures state of the art adhesives that are strong and consistent for bonding of various substrates. Our epoxy adhesives are two component systems, (a resin) and an activator that are blended together to enable an exothermic( generating heat) reaction. Big Dog’s Epoxy adhesives come in ratio of 1:1 and 2:1; 1:1 meaning 1 part A ( Resin ) to 1 part B ( Activator); 2:1 meaning two parts A ( Resin) to 1 part B ( Activator). Big Dog epoxies come in a multitude of colors and formulations, from flowing to non-sag versions. We offer epoxy adhesives in a wide range of applications, including potting (electrical applications), paints and coatings, marine applications, Recreational Vehicle applications, Automotive and consumer applications.


Aerobic means in the presence of air (specifically, oxygen). Anaerobic means without the presence of air ( again, oxygen). So, anaerobic adhesives cure in spaces that do not have oxygen (air). The other requirement is that there must be metal present, or one of the spaces must be in contact with metal. Therefore, anaerobic adhesives are used in places that have no air, and have metals around them. A good application for anaerobic adhesives ( or threadlockers), is in the area of turning a nut into a bolt. The anaerobic adhesive fills the gap between the nut and the bolt, thereby having metal on both sides, and without the presence of air. The adhesive then reacts rather quickly, and the nut is sealed or prevented from working it way tighter, or working itself looser. Sometimes, anaerobics are applied to the bolts or the nuts separately, and shipped as such, so that when the nut is threaded to the bolt, the reactions occurs. In the past years, nylon nuts or nylon inserts used to do this, but in today’s modern world, anaerobic adhesives are replacing nylon nuts due to its stronger holding potential, lower cost, and ease of use.


Big Dog’s polyurethane adhesives are used for bonding many dissimilar materials together, such as ceramics and glass, plastics, rubbers, wood products an, having good metals. Big Dog’s adhesives are flexible, low VOC (contain low Volatile Organic Components), and are easy to use. Depending upon your design criteria, we can design a polyurethane that is UV stable, optically clear, flexible, having good strength and impact resistance.


Big Dog’s Flex-Lok adhesives are two-part epoxy modified siloxane polymers (MS Polymers) that have a wide range of use for bonding various substrates. The Flex-Lok product line has extremely flexible properties, maintaining that flexibility at a wide range of temperatures, from -70°F to 350°F (-60°C to 177°C). Supplied in easily dispensed 1 to 1 side by side cartridges, and in bulk, 5-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums. Flex-Lok adhesives bond fiberglass, ceramics, concrete, wood, particle board, MDF, steel, aluminum and various plastics without the need of a primer. Flex-Lok adhesives will not bond low energy surfaces, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon, and other low energy surfaces. Flex-Lok adhesives outperform most brittle two component systems by retaining high peel strength and flexibility through a wide range of temperatures.

Big Dog sells a full range of accessories including tips and guns designed to work with its adhesives.

Big Dog sells a full range of accessories including tips and guns designed to work with its adhesives.

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