SeamLock Pro – Seaming Adhesive – 250ML


SeamLock Pro

SeamLockPro is the PROFESSIONAL Choice for Hard Surface Fabricators who can afford to have runny or thin adhesives dripping all over their cabinets, tools, and hands. SeamLockPRO is formulated for those fabricators who want the performance of Epoxy Adhesives, but the speed, UV resistance, impact strength, and toughness of an Acrylic Adhesive. Never a drip anywhere, SeamLockPRO fabricators find themselves using about HALF the seaming adhesive of flowable type adhesive, cutting their adhesive costs in HALF! Knife-Able, Blade-Able, Sand-Able, available in 500+ colors, no product compares to it ever!

Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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